4 reasons why we need to leave the earth right now and space colonise…

Are there more?



1) Deforestation 

imagesYear by year trees are getting destroyed around the world to produce more wood for our own selfish human needs, but whats the fuss its only wood right? How can a lack of trees push the human race into space? Well, trees release oxygen and absorbs all the other toxic gases that consist in the air like carbon monoxide, sulfer dioxide etc. By allowing you to breathe, you can live! Taking the amazon rain forest as an example, scientists have predicted that in around 2030 half of the forest there will be entirely wiped out, and mindblowly, the amazon rain forest contributes to 20% of the total oxygen in the world! I suggest to go give the next tree you see a big kiss and they really are the really you can walk to the corner shop without a gas mask!

2) Destruction of the Sun 


Thats right, nothing lasts forever…

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