4 reasons why we need to leave the earth right now and space colonise…


1) Deforestation 

imagesYear by year trees are getting destroyed around the world to produce more wood for our own selfish human needs, but whats the fuss its only wood right? How can a lack of trees push the human race into space? Well, trees release oxygen and absorbs all the other toxic gases that consist in the air like carbon monoxide, sulfer dioxide etc. By allowing you to breathe, you can live! Taking the amazon rain forest as an example, scientists have predicted that in around 2030 half of the forest there will be entirely wiped out, and mindblowly, the amazon rain forest contributes to 20% of the total oxygen in the world! I suggest to go give the next tree you see a big kiss and they really are the really you can walk to the corner shop without a gas mask!

2) Destruction of the Sun 


Thats right, nothing lasts forever and that includes the sun. It can be considered a fact that the sun is very slowly increasing in size and one day it certainly will wipe out the earth because of it. The reason for this is that (like a balloon with helium expanding as you blow into it), the burning hydrogen in the sun is turning to helium which is increasing. Even though you may enjoy the sight of a slightly brighter sun, the earth is certainly looking to be obliterated in the next 2 billion years, which really isn’t that long considered how busy our busy our lives are around here!

3) Sea levels rising dramatically

tsunami1Once again because of our wonderful contribution to pollution, has meant that sea levels are rising, but why may you ask? Well pollution causes global warming, and as the water warms in the sea, the water tends to expand. Scientists have predicted that within the 21 century sea levels will rise between 18cm and 59cm and in the longer term (like millennia) sea level rise could be more like 4m to 6m. Now, I personally do not believe the whole of earth can no be flooded by water because firstly I dont think we have enough water to do that, and secondly because i believe the sun will destroy us before anyway! Evidence of natural disasters like Tysnamis wiping out many humans has shown that we need to get out of here, before sea levels increase and cause further havoc!

4) Robot wars!

200-robotsSteven hawkings believes robots will take over the world in a hundred years! You may be thinking this forth one is a little “out there” but it must be agreed that humans quench for improving technology and creating artificial intelligence, may lead to them turning on us? Now, you may be thinking I have been watching too much “I Am Robot”, but technically why couldn’t that happen? Humans have always been ambitious beings, too much ambition is never a good thing, especially when people like hitler and stalin existed in our history. Humans are looking to create robots are similarly to humans as possible, so wouldn’t that mean allow the robot to think for itself, and realise what the hell it’s doing taking orders from beings that may have destroyed the planet!? I see robot overlords happening, so watch your backs…

What do you think guys? Should we go and space colonise? Wouldnt we just cause the same issues in another planet if it does happen? Please comment, like and reblog!


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